‘Get rid or get better’ – Anthony Gordon SLAMS VAR for not awarding penalty against Man Utd

Anthony Gordon hit out at the decision not to award his Newcastle side a penalty during the defeat to Man Utd and questioned the point of having VAR in the Premier League.

Man Utd midfielder Sofyan Amrabat looked to have fouled Gordon inside the box during the first half but after not being awarded by referee Rob Jones on the field, the VAR opted not to change the decision.

And Gordon, whose second-half equaliser proved not to be enough to avoid defeat, was left furious at being denied a spot-kick at a crucial time in the game.

“I watched the incident back, it’s a clear penalty,” he told Sky Sports.

“I don’t mind the referee getting it wrong on the pitch because these are difficult decisions and things happen really quickly but I don’t understand what the point of VAR is then.

“It’s there to correct my mistakes. It was down my Achilles and he pushed me in the back, then Casemiro comes and gets the ball but there’s two fouls before that so I honestly don’t understand the point of it.

“I knew straight away, that’s why I didn’t appeal because I thought I don’t mind the referee not giving it, it’s fast, but I’ll wait for the VAR to check and you can see me telling my team-mates, don’t worry it’s a clear penalty.

“Then we carry on and I thought ‘are you joking?’. I had no sock left! How is that possible? I don’t understand the point of it.

“I’m fond of the idea but there’s constantly too many mistakes. We’ve missed too many chances to blame anything else.

“It’s a clear and obvious mistake and I don’t know how you can get it wrong. Either get rid of it or get better, it’s that simple.”

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