Dillon Danis left ‘frustrated’ and ‘disappointed’ after DQ loss to Logan Paul

Dillon Danis was left ‘frustrated’ and ‘disappointed’ after his disqualification loss against Logan Paul on Saturday night, according to his cutman. 

Portraying the figure of a beaten man, Danis clinched with Paul in the dying embers of the last round and bizarrely went for a takedown before utter carnage ensued with security flooding into the ring to separate the pair.

One security guard even took an overhand right from Danis, which was probably the most notable punch the American landed all night.  

Danis lost by disqualification, with Michael Buffer announcing that Paul had won every round anyway.

Andrew O’Neill- who was in Danis’ corner- previously worked as a cutman for former European champion and World title challenger, ‘Big Bang’ Willie Casey. He was also in the corner for prospect Phillip Sutcliffe and was involved in the action at two of Carl Frampton’s world title fights in Belfast. 

“Dillon was disappointed with the fight and Logan hit him when he went to the ground so right there that should have been the fight called’, Andrew said. 

In the final round- having only landed nine punches compared to Paul’s 82- Danis shot for a takedown and whilst on the canvas, Paul landed a sharp right hook to Danis’ chin. In more conventional boxing surroundings, this would result in an immediate disqualification for Paul but in the third round, Danis dropped to the canvas and invited a grappling exchange, which also should have been a DQ. 

Sporting integrity was abandoned and the strict rules that more legitimate boxing commissions have followed for years were put aside in favour of more frivolous entertainment. 

‘Whatever you want to say about this space, it doesn’t half-entertain’, Andrew said.  

‘Dillon was also frustrated about the whole testing nonsense and the fact that special treatment was offered to Logan prior to the weigh-ins.’ 

Logan Paul was thirty minutes late for his scheduled behind-closed-doors weigh-in on Friday, missing the 11 a.m. deadline. Danis took to Twitter and rightfully pointed out that the fight should have been scrapped or Paul should have been punished in some way. 

The feud began when Paul’s partner from PRIME energy, KSI, was supposed to fight Danis back in Jaunary. The 5-time jiu jitsu world champion backed out of the fight and Logan Paul saw it as the perfect oppurtunity to put his name forward.

Tensions imploded on Saturday and whilst the drama was high quality, the boxing was not. The two main events were arguably the worst on the night, and it was not a great advert for the crossover event which Misfits called the ‘biggest in boxing history.’ 

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