‘I feel sick to be part of this’ – Mikel Arteta slams officials for allowing Newcastle goal

Mikel Arteta launched a stunning rant aimed at the match officials in Arsenal’s 1-0 defeat to Newcastle for their decision to allow the winning goal.

Anthony Gordon’s second-half strike was allowed to stand following a lengthy VAR check to hand the Gunners a first league defeat of the season.

Arsenal were adamant that the ball had gone out of play prior to the goal while there were also questions about a possible foul and offside.

And Arteta was left furious with the decison to award the goal.

“We have to talk about how the hell this goal stands,” he said.

“It’s incredible. I feel embarrassed but I have to be the one now to come in here and try to defend the club and please ask for help because it’s an absolute disgrace that this goal is allowed.

“It’s not a goal for many reasons, for more than one reason at least.

“It’s too much at stake. We put in so much effort, it’s so difficult to compete at this level and it’s an absolute disgrace.

“Again, I feel embarrassed. I’ve been here more than 20 years in this country and this is nowehere near the level to describe this as the best league in the world. I am sorry.

“I don’t care what they say. It’s the outcome. It’s too late. Whatever they say is too late. It’s not a goal. It’s simple.

“We lost three points here today, do you know what that means? This league is too hard, too much at stake. It’s embarrassing.

“It’s incredible the way these guys played at 21-years-old, the way they competed against this team, because they are a top team. Incredible.

“To come out of the game like this, honestly I feel sick. I feel sick to be part of this.”

Newcastle boss Eddie Howe, meanwhile, said he had not seen the reason for why the goal would be disallowed.

He said: “Maybe he’s seen something I haven’t because I’ve only seen it with the naked eye. I’ve only seen it live.

“From my angle I had no idea what was going on to be honest and I had no idea what was going on with the VAR checks either.”

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