Winning Champions League wouldn’t make up for disappointment of not meeting ‘idol’ Julia Roberts, says Guardiola

Pep Guardiola says he will still be considered a failure in the Champions League even if he wins the competition with Man City.

Guardiola’s side cruised through to the quarter-finals with a 7-0 thumping of RB Leipzig thanks to five goals from star striker Erling Haaland.

It means Man City have now reached six consecutive quarter-finals, though are still yet to win the competition, and Guardiola joked that he will still be called a failure even if does manage to win it with the club.

“I’m a failure in the Champions League,” he said tongue in cheek.

“Listen, I’m going to explain a secret. Whatever happens this year in the Champions League, winning it, even if we win the Champions League three years in a row, I will be a failure.”

Guardiola, who twice won the competition while managing Barcelona, then went on to discuss his disappointment of not getting to meet actress Julia Roberts, who he declared as one of his idols, when she came to Manchester and said winning the Champions League would not make up for it.

“I have three idols in my life – Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Julia Roberts,” he continued.

“Julia Roberts years ago came to Manchester. Not when Sir Alex Ferguson won titles and titles, she came in the period when we were better than United for years.

“And she went to visit Man Utd. She didn’t come to see us.

“Even if I win the Champions League, it will not compare to the fact that Julia Roberts came to Manchester and didn’t come to see us. My idol.

“That’s why whatever happens, even if I win the Champions League, it will not compare to the disappointment I had.”

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