WATCH: Tuchel left fuming after Bayern Munich are denied penalty against Arsenal and hits out at referee for ‘horrible explanation’

Thomas Tuchel says he was left angry by the decision not to award his Bayern Munich side a penalty in their 2-2 Champions League quarter-final first-leg draw with Arsenal.

Gunners defender Gabriel had picked up the ball inside the box to take a goal-kick after Raya had passed him the ball, with Tuchel believing that Raya had already taken the goal-kick and the ball was then in fact in play when Gabriel handled it.

And the Bayern boss hit out at what he says was the referee’s reasoning for not giving the decision.

“I felt a lot of little decisions go against us. For me, it’s a huge mistake in not giving us a penalty,” he said.

“I know it’s a crazy situation but they put the ball down, he (the referee) whistles, he gives the ball free and the defender takes the ball in his hand.

“What makes us really angry is the explanation on the field. He told our players that it’s a kid’s mistake and he will not give a penalty like this in the quarter-final.

“This is a horrible, horrible explanation because that means now he’s judging handballs. We feel angry because it’s a huge decision against us.”

Watch Tuchel’s full reaction to the 2-2 draw with Arsenal here:

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